Bleepage! OMG!

Tonight I have been wandering around checking out people’s blogs and just staying up for no apparent reason. I could be cuddled up in bed with all my millions of blankets and pillows snoring like a mad beasty! But nooooo

So I sat here and read this and read that, when the roomie o doom (aka best friend Nate) comes out laughing like a loon! And I sit and wonder…do I really want to ask him why he is laughing, and if so am I prepared for what my ears might hear? So I grow some “woman balls” as I like to call them and ask…what happened?

Turns out Cyanide Vogue got played on a radio show called LA Talk Radio. Anyway during the song Nate’s vocals get “bleeped” and you hear a weird kind of skip/mute sound. It’s rather funny to me. So I thought I would post it here.

Anyway, check out Cyanide Vogue!


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