Moving & Updating sites…

I swear my ass is getting smaller and smaller the longer I sit here and move all these websites. But the fun part is rawkin’ out to songs and when stuff doesn’t work right i just start screaming lyrics. I am sure the neighbors are loving it.

Some of you might be wondering why I have a account also among all the other websites I have, run and own? For now I think is at least more stable then the shitty webhost I had before. *cough*Cheap bastids!*cough* Anyway I will get into that later. So tonight and the rest of the weekend I am going to try to move one website a day or so. *sighs* This is FUN! And my ass is shrinking….AHHHHH!

HEH! The song for tonight is…

I love this song. 😛 I’ll write more later I think. LOL


2 thoughts on “Moving & Updating sites…

  1. Yeah I started a blog just to concentrate on the writing and forget the host issues I was having. No worries about plugins and updating WordPress.

    • True, but then I also like to have the ability to change my stuff drastically and I don’t think offers as much as I want to do with a wordpress. LOL So yeah I am keeping it around just in case all else goes to hell! 😛

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