Deviant Internet wanderings…

It all started tonight with a few links my friend sent me in IM’s over Google Talk (don’t mind the ped egg banter):

12:24 AM Chris: DOMINATE!!!
12:28 AM Chris: you should be jealous.

me: interesting
Chris: I got a ped egg
Yeah, I liked that image.

me: I hates you!
lol so do you like your ped egg?
12:29 AM Chris: it makes my feet raw
my feet are smooth, though
Chris: I leave you with this.

So while I was chatting with Chris I ran into this lovely shot. Now to some of you guys it might look “strange” but I think it’s freaking beautiful in an odd way. Maybe it’s the shape of the eye’s with the makeup, and how the dress fits on her body…and the mess. It’s interestingly beautiful. Check it out:

Click on it to see the actual picture. 😛


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