Undying hope…

I am finding out that the hardest thing to do when you love someone is not to worry about them. And I guess this could go for all types of “love” people feel for each other. I’m writing this about things I see my friends going through. Like a few close ones of mine are falling in “love” with people that are showing HUGE warning signs that they are not ready for a relationship, yet they keep going after it. One friend seems to be in love with someone who can’t stop being a pimp and the other seems to be in love with hmmm I just don’t know what to say about that one…all I know is I have had a bad feeling for awhile on that one. HAH! And I might try to say something about their situation to my friends…you know point some issues out to them because I do not want to see them get hurt. Nothing worse than having to sit there for hours upon days or even weeks and listen to your friend wail on and on about how much they love this person and they just don’t understand! It’s even worse that in the beginning you have to sit there and listen to them gush about how their “Booboo is the shit and they are soo cool!”, when you know in the pit of your stomach something just ain’t right…especially if they are getting hurt by that person and they aren’t even officially dating yet. They might’ve only screwed or made out once! C’MON PEOPLE! Don’t make me slap you!

But in the end I am going to sit there and listen, and while
doing so I am going to notice that I have done the same thing myself. And yeah even though sometimes I want to be snotty and say…”I told you so! IDIOT!” when it all goes to hell and they are crying on my shoulder…but I won’t. Why? Cause I am human. I just as easily as everyone else I have become or I should say had become blind to the things I know I should see…but can’t stand to because DAMNIT IT WILL WORK!

What is this undying hope for love all about? I mean how many times can someone go through heartbreak and yet still hang on to that feeling…and still end up getting hurt over and over again…and what is worse what if it’s the same person? I guess I might understand it when I am on my death bed. Some great light will come down and fill my soul with all knowing and then BAM I’ll be gone. HAH! And it won’t matter after that.

HAHAHHA Life cracks me up. Now to get back to work on some
stuff I’ve been meaning to do. Yay code, and nothing to do tonight. YEEHAW! I rather be playing pool or going to a movie right now. But with this storm who the hell wants to be on the road with people freaking out about a little bit of water on the streets? Ah but that is another blog for another day.