Tonight I Fear Not


I witness thoughts & words born of brilliance
We listen as creation falls still born from a mouth loved
Tell me do those ears hear a soul wailing
Music…between the lines…lyrics begging for breath
Play now with an open heart that is unafraid and untethered
Bury the past and sing its dirge to the nights silent wake

Author: Carrie Lewis
Date: October 2, 2014 @ 3:32 a.m.

Note: I was thinking how fear keeps creation from happening. Fear I have held onto stupidly within myself and fear I see in others.

Breaking free and just being is what I am working on, and happiness will be mine because I tried! I stopped singing for a long time a couple times in my life. I realized tonight those were the times when I would feel suicidal, empty, alone. Once I opened up again and forgot the fear that someone I loved would not like my singing…I WAS ALIVE AGAIN!

They say life is a work in progress. Hey man I’m working on it. 😉